[Late update] March 25 weigh-in

Hey folks!

Today I weighed in at 162 pounds. I was previous up around 164 and dropped by 2 pounds again. All my lifts have increased since the beginning of the program; however, I feel as though I may start plateauing – improving less rapidly until I start eating more.
Chin ups – 10 total without weight vest/ 5 total with weight vest
Deadlift – 195 x 6 (holding this weight for another few weeks until grip strength and breathing get stronger)

Bench Press – 155 x 5 / 145 x6 / 120 x 8 (more than before

Squat – 205 x 6 / 185 x 8 / 165 x 10

Tricep dip – [no report] I’ve been having wrist issues so by the time I get to dips I cannot do it without excruciating pain in my wrist extensors

I think my weight hit a hill because of spring break because I admittedly found it difficult to balance my eating and stay calculated; however, since i’ve been back from spring break for just under 2 weeks I have lost 2 pounds again. I am almost down to 160 again – hopefully by Friday or Monday but we’ll see!

Also I have noticed a chunk of body fat disappearing from me… my top 2 abdominals are very much visible, but the lower-core is still holding onto the fat I don’t want.

With winter part: 3 ending and the warmer weather (50s and 60s) approaching I will be spending less time in the sedentary lifestyle and more time pursuing my hobbies. A friend of mine brought two lacrosse sticks to school so we’ll be tossing the ball and running around with it, I’ll be doing some light running to get back into running slowly as to avoid fracturing my leg again, and I bought a hacky sack over spring break so I plan on getting my old mojo (plus more!) with it. I hope to be pretty active outside whenever I’m not studying or doing homework.

I may have gained a little weight but some of it was indeed muscle. There is no question about it.

Any questions or comments please feel free to leave comments or something!

Peace and love,



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My back in a flexed position.

My back in a flexed position.

As you can see there is a little muscle definition but nothing significant in my opinion.

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Another front picture.

Another front picture.

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The back – my love handles have actually lost about 2 inches..

The back - my love handles have actually lost about 2 inches..

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Update – March 11, 2013 the day of Questioning

Update - March 11, 2013 the day of Questioning

Hey all,

It’s Monday March 11, 2013 and I’m posting this a little late since I didn’t have time to update last week seeing as how I had other things to do during spring break.
Before spring break I was at 160 pounds (down from the original 167) and today I weighed in at 162 natural weight (165 factoring in my ipod/big headphones/heavy sweat shirt and sweat pants). I would like to think this slight weight gain from the previous week was a gain in muscle development since my last lift (Monday March 4).
I last lifted on March 4 because the guest fee into the rec. center at my girlfriend’s school was like 5$… and I’m not exactly made of money so I just did some calisthenic work on W and F.
I also believe I have gained more muscle seeing as how my bench press went up from 155 to 160×5, squats went up from 195 to 205×6, DL from 160 to 170 and my weighted chins from 2×2 to 3×2 + 5 negatives.
The thing is these gains are not that significant for being 5 1/2 weeks in… I have been feeling this deep ambition to perhaps focus on building muscle and increasing my lifting gains until I’m at LEAST at the level of Intermediate with all my lifts.
This is the standard sheet I have been using:

I’m considering finishing this cut at the 6-7 week mark and starting a bulk or recomposition. I’ll keep this blog updated on my progress with my research and opinions from other people on this subject.

Please leave your feedback about what you think I would benefit most from.

The way I see it is if I build muscle and gain some fat I’ll be able to then CUT that fat away and see actual muscle – which I visually lack.

More pictures will be uploaded once I figure out how to make an album!

Peace and Love,

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[Late] Update #2 for Friday 3/1/2013

Hey guys!
Sorry for the late update. I was busy traveling for my spring break and spending time with the beautiful girlfriend so I didn’t have time to formally update this for my second update in my cut.

I’m proud to announce that I’m at 160.4 pounds which is the first time in several years i’ve been at the 160 pounds margin! That’s about another 2 pound drop from last week which is similar to what I expected.

This week I increased several lifts of mine: (working set numbers)

Squats: I went from 185 to 195×4 reps
Bench: I went from 145 to 155×5 reps
Chins: 9×2
OVH Press: I went from 65 to 75 pounds
And I’ve added weighted pushups with a vest on Wednesdays (chest days). I was able to do 10 reps x 3 sets at the end of my workout.

Folks, this week is going to be slightly different than usual seeing as how I’m on spring break and all that good stuff SO I’ll be doing calisthenic workouts on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday in order to keep my muscles primed as focus on building my brain-tension connection with my muscles in regards to several of my lifts.

Today is Monday and I’ll be going to the gym with my girlfriend; however, since the entrance fee is like….10$ or something I’ll simply be going through a workout routine for her. If anyone is curious about that routine just comment on here and I can add it…
The goal for the workout I’m designing her is to allow flexibility for her schedule while offering a split program into increasing her strength and muscle tone. I know women don’t want to get “bulky” or look like body builders… but the reality is, that won’t happen when you’re lifting heavy weights. There are plenty of women I see on TV and elsewhere that lift 200-300 pounds and are skinny as a flagpole, yet chiseled like a statue.

Anyway, I am going to have a little trouble focusing on my macros this week seeing as how I’m in a foreign situation that I haven’t had time to plan for so I’m going to do my best and hopefully just focus on keeping my caloric intakes down in an attempt to prevent any weight gain. Starting immediately after break I’ll be implementing medium-level cardio for 20-40 minutes 1 to 2 times a day! (That way a lactic acid buildup doesn’t occur which will save my muscles from degenerating).

I’m 4 pounds down in 2 weeks, folks! That’s the progress I like. If you’re following to stay motivated I think that alone says a lot about setting your mind on something. If you’re following just to follow my progress, let me hear any feedback you may have! 🙂

Peace and love,

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Progress Report Friday 1 – 2/22/13

Hey gang!

I wanted to post an update for the first Friday of my 10-12 week cut. I was doing a recomp from January 18 until about February 15th until I decided that I should probably cut in order to eliminate all the unnecessary fat around my “hard-to-get” areas before I try bulking or recomping again. As of February 15th and 16th (last Friday/Saturday) I started a strict Cut with the following eating values:

TDEE (Total daily expenditure) – 2170 cals
Rest Day – 1519 cals with an emphasis on high fat (low saturated fat though) and low carbs
Workout Day – 1953 cals with an emphasis on low fat and high carbs (trying my best to avoid refined carbohydrates…but it’s hard here at school)

With the Monday/Wednesday/Friday lifting that I mentioned in earlier blog posts. I worked pretty damn hard this week trying to get the most out of every workout focusing on keeping the tension high through the entirity of every movement I performed. I admit I slipped a few times especially during deadlifts and squats but it’s something I’ll be working on this coming week.

When I speak of tension I refer to the amount of mental power I’m providing to my nervous system in order to tense up, grip, and stabilize through any given exercise. An example of this is if you perform a pushup you don’t typically engage your forearms even if you feel them being worked – the same goes for your ass and your core. Now, perform a pushup again but this time imagine squeezing an orange in your hands while they lay flat on the floor, actively contract your glutes together, and tighten your core as if you’re showing off your abs at the pool. Now, do a few pushups like this and feel the difference in your body and the muscles you engaged – you’ve just increased your body’s overall tension and your overall strength gain received from these said pushups. I am practicing this increased tension lifting because I read the book Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline (http://www.amazon.com/Power-People-Strength-Training-American/dp/0938045199). I recently picked this up because I read several articles regarding Pavel Tsatsouline and his impressive training tips he recommends in several of his books. I highly recommend Power to the People if any of you wish to have a very informative and enjoyable read!
I’ll keep you all updated with several other books by Lyle McDonald and Pavel Tsatsouline that I downloaded and plan to read in the near future — as soon as midterms are over.


The good news is I have gone from 164.3 to 162.4 pounds (74.57 kg to 73.62kg). In ONE week I lost about 2 pounds. I certainly don’t feel weaker and my lifts have been very consistent, if not stronger, than last week when I was maxing the same weights in the work-sets! So I’d like to think I’m losing some of this fat.

There isn’t much else to include here so just comment or facebook me if there is anything you would like me to include or add in the future!

For those of you still pushing yourselves everyday to reach a goal: Keep working hard. I believe as long as your mind is in the right place you’ll be able to handle anything!

Peace and Love,


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Hey guys! It’s day 2 and I recently went to the grocery store to purchase supplemental foods that can fold me over on rest days where I’ll only be eating about 1500 calories. These include: LARGE eggs, Tuna in a can, bananas, a 5-10 pound bag of almonds is on the way, and a few peanut butter crackers as a treat 🙂

This picture is of the eggs that I just microwaved. I never knew one could microwave eggs… but apparently with some non-stick spray it’s pretty easy and hella delicious!

Today’s caloric macros were:
1464-1519 calories total
76g fat
49g carbs
161g protein

These figures are approximates because the means of measuring food at my school is very difficult…and knowing what the nutrition accurately becomes challenging…so we’ll see! :O

I did a couple hours of walking around today just doing my usual AT stuff. No specific medium-level cardio as I did on Sunday right before lunch!

Speaking of that, I’ll be doing 3-4 times a week of 20-30 minutes of medium-level cardio on the bike. This won’t lead to any significant weight loss gains, but it’ll help keep my caloric deficits from fluctuating too significantly!
Also, on Saturday I like…pulled a muscle around my left Rhomboid area… I’m not sure what happened but my workout on monday (2/18) was pretty hindered by it.

Anyway, tomorrow is my Bench-heavy day! Let’s go homies!

Peace and Love,

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This is it.

This is it.

Okay ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow is Monday (2/18) and so begins the official journey for what I hope to prove to the world.
Specifics that I’ll be including in this: I’ll be avoiding all sweets and sodas – more so than I did before. (with the exception of 2 reeses cups that I’ve had for a few days…wouldn’t want to waste them).
I purchased eggs, tuna, bananas, natural peanut butter, and a Tupperware container so I can make those supplemental foods in my dorm room as needed to hit my caloric/macro needs.

Eggs will cover general protein and fats.
Tuna will cover protein.
Peanut butter and cottage cheese will be primary fats.
Bananas/apples/whole wheat bread and pasta will cover primary carbohydrates.

This starts now, folks.
If anyone has any suggestions regarding accessible eats at Coe or things I could pick up at a grocery that would be usable in a dorm room with a refrigerator and a microwave I am all ears!

Please remember this isn’t just for me. I want to help inspire others to either look into LeanGains or just become more conscious about the quality of the foods they ingest into their bodies – not just the quantity. Additionally, I want to help inspire others to begin or continue striving to learn their bodies. It truly feels great being down 8 pounds from 171 to 163. But there is a lot I have to accomplish.

Peace and love,


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The back

The back

Theres the back – very clear love handles and fattttt… gonna kick its ASS!

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