Editted workout Plan (TRUE RPT)

Hey guys,

I wanted to make another post regarding my failure to properly understand the “pyramid” part of the RPT workout. I originally had it so my workset was 5 repetitions along with my 2 post-work sets. below is a modified set where I’ll be deloading the post-work sets independently of the workset while increasing the repetitions.

Bike warmup ~5 minutes followed by dynamic stretching

Monday – Deadlift (205) / Chinups (no weight) (6×2 – two times) / Barbell Bicep curl (55) / Forearm curls / Scapular retraction (to improve deadlift posture) / and 2-arm squatted rows (____)

Wednesday – Bench Press (145) / Overhead (OVH) press (75)/ Barbell Calf Raises( ___) / Core – plank/6inches

Friday – Squats (185) / Tricep Dips (10×2) / Bosu stability training / adductor muscles / Core – plank/6inches

Please make note that the weighted values are my “work set” numbers meaning I peak off and do a build-up through warmups reaching 85% then I do 4-6×1 @ work / 6-8 x 1 @ workset-10% / 8-10 x 1 @ workset-25%.
[NOTE: between warmup and WORKSET I’ll be doing 3:00minute rest, 2 minute wrest between WORKSET and post-work set 1, and 3 minutes before post-work set 2]

For example: My bench press work set is 145 pounds. therefore I do the following:
Bar(45)@5×5 / (65)@6×1 / (95)@4×1 / (If i want – 95)@2×1 just to warm my nervous system up / Workset (145) @4-6×1 / Strip1 (135) @ 6-8×1 / Strip 2 (115) @8-10×1 (Depending on how I feel I might try to burn out here)

10-15 minute cardio cooldown followed by a foam roll or static stretching

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