2011-2012 martial arts training with Coe ROTC

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4 Responses to Fight

  1. Steven Cherry says:

    You got it spencer! I only think that you need to either increase the weight you’re lifting, or increase reps. Also, If you’re trying to get “fit” like leaner, then perhaps change out deadlift for back squats or speed band-resisted back squats.

    • level57zubat says:

      The purpose during a cut though is that I just “use” my muscle and prevent muscle atrophy while I’m eating a -10% deficit on workout days and -30% deficit on rest days. (my TDEE is about 2200 but i’ll be eating 1850 on workout days and 1500 on rest days)… So I can’t increase weights much without improving my strength significantly which I plan on doing AFTER I burn this fat I don’t want.
      In regards to increasing reps – I’ll probably fool around with the reps so I’m doing 7-8 but not much more because I dont want to completely burn my muscle. I just need to use it or else I lose it.

      A cut is very different from an athlete in that you arent eating in order to perform at maximum potential or trying to perform several hours of activity. Just brief bursts of activity!

      • Steven Cherry says:

        Ah I see. That makes sense and sounds like a solid plan. I’ll be keeping up with your progress here 🙂

  2. level57zubat says:

    I look very forward to this! I’ll be updating this over the weekend with my more current information (body information) and perhaps modified workout weights. We’ll see how my Saturday workout goes.

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