My current workout

Hey guys I just wanted to post what my current workout regiment is along with the weights I’ll be using with the lifts.

For a little background with why my workouts look so short please see this article about RPT (Reverse pyramid style training). The purpose of RPT is to work all the major muscles through compound exercises while focusing heavily on the core. I know for years I did crunches, planks, V-ups, you name it and I could probably out-rep a bunch of athletes… but my abs just didnt get anywhere so I wanted to try this. That article covers a lot of good information regarding the purpose of doing the lifts.

Here we go!

Bike warmup ~5 minutes followed by dynamic stretching

Monday – Deadlift (205) / Chinups (no weight) (6×2 – two times) / Barbell Bicep curl (55) / Forearm curls / Scapular retraction (to improve deadlift posture) / and 2-arm squatted rows (____)

Wednesday – Bench Press (145) / Overhead (OVH) press (75)/ Barbell Calf Raises( ___) / Core – plank/6inches

Friday – Squats (185) / Tricep Dips (_____) / Bosu stability training / adductor muscles / Core – plank/6inches

Please make note that the weighted values are my “work set” numbers meaning I peak off and do a build-up through warmups reaching 85% then I do 5×1 @ work / 5 x 1 @ workset-10% / 5 x 1 @ workset-25%.

For example: My bench press work set is 145 pounds. therefore I do the following:
Bar(45)@5×2 / (65)@6×1 / (95)@4×1 / (If i want – 95)@2×1 just to warm my nervous system up / Workset (145) @5×1 / Strip1 (135) @ 5×1 / Strip 2 (115) @5×1 (Depending on how I feel I might try to burn out here)

10-15 minute cardio cooldown followed by a foam roll or static stretching

Any critiques would be lovely and welcomed!

Peace and love,


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