This is it.

This is it.

Okay ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow is Monday (2/18) and so begins the official journey for what I hope to prove to the world.
Specifics that I’ll be including in this: I’ll be avoiding all sweets and sodas – more so than I did before. (with the exception of 2 reeses cups that I’ve had for a few days…wouldn’t want to waste them).
I purchased eggs, tuna, bananas, natural peanut butter, and a Tupperware container so I can make those supplemental foods in my dorm room as needed to hit my caloric/macro needs.

Eggs will cover general protein and fats.
Tuna will cover protein.
Peanut butter and cottage cheese will be primary fats.
Bananas/apples/whole wheat bread and pasta will cover primary carbohydrates.

This starts now, folks.
If anyone has any suggestions regarding accessible eats at Coe or things I could pick up at a grocery that would be usable in a dorm room with a refrigerator and a microwave I am all ears!

Please remember this isn’t just for me. I want to help inspire others to either look into LeanGains or just become more conscious about the quality of the foods they ingest into their bodies – not just the quantity. Additionally, I want to help inspire others to begin or continue striving to learn their bodies. It truly feels great being down 8 pounds from 171 to 163. But there is a lot I have to accomplish.

Peace and love,


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