Hey guys! It’s day 2 and I recently went to the grocery store to purchase supplemental foods that can fold me over on rest days where I’ll only be eating about 1500 calories. These include: LARGE eggs, Tuna in a can, bananas, a 5-10 pound bag of almonds is on the way, and a few peanut butter crackers as a treat 🙂

This picture is of the eggs that I just microwaved. I never knew one could microwave eggs… but apparently with some non-stick spray it’s pretty easy and hella delicious!

Today’s caloric macros were:
1464-1519 calories total
76g fat
49g carbs
161g protein

These figures are approximates because the means of measuring food at my school is very difficult…and knowing what the nutrition accurately becomes challenging…so we’ll see! :O

I did a couple hours of walking around today just doing my usual AT stuff. No specific medium-level cardio as I did on Sunday right before lunch!

Speaking of that, I’ll be doing 3-4 times a week of 20-30 minutes of medium-level cardio on the bike. This won’t lead to any significant weight loss gains, but it’ll help keep my caloric deficits from fluctuating too significantly!
Also, on Saturday I like…pulled a muscle around my left Rhomboid area… I’m not sure what happened but my workout on monday (2/18) was pretty hindered by it.

Anyway, tomorrow is my Bench-heavy day! Let’s go homies!

Peace and Love,

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