Progress Report Friday 1 – 2/22/13

Hey gang!

I wanted to post an update for the first Friday of my 10-12 week cut. I was doing a recomp from January 18 until about February 15th until I decided that I should probably cut in order to eliminate all the unnecessary fat around my “hard-to-get” areas before I try bulking or recomping again. As of February 15th and 16th (last Friday/Saturday) I started a strict Cut with the following eating values:

TDEE (Total daily expenditure) – 2170 cals
Rest Day – 1519 cals with an emphasis on high fat (low saturated fat though) and low carbs
Workout Day – 1953 cals with an emphasis on low fat and high carbs (trying my best to avoid refined carbohydrates…but it’s hard here at school)

With the Monday/Wednesday/Friday lifting that I mentioned in earlier blog posts. I worked pretty damn hard this week trying to get the most out of every workout focusing on keeping the tension high through the entirity of every movement I performed. I admit I slipped a few times especially during deadlifts and squats but it’s something I’ll be working on this coming week.

When I speak of tension I refer to the amount of mental power I’m providing to my nervous system in order to tense up, grip, and stabilize through any given exercise. An example of this is if you perform a pushup you don’t typically engage your forearms even if you feel them being worked – the same goes for your ass and your core. Now, perform a pushup again but this time imagine squeezing an orange in your hands while they lay flat on the floor, actively contract your glutes together, and tighten your core as if you’re showing off your abs at the pool. Now, do a few pushups like this and feel the difference in your body and the muscles you engaged – you’ve just increased your body’s overall tension and your overall strength gain received from these said pushups. I am practicing this increased tension lifting because I read the book Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline ( I recently picked this up because I read several articles regarding Pavel Tsatsouline and his impressive training tips he recommends in several of his books. I highly recommend Power to the People if any of you wish to have a very informative and enjoyable read!
I’ll keep you all updated with several other books by Lyle McDonald and Pavel Tsatsouline that I downloaded and plan to read in the near future — as soon as midterms are over.


The good news is I have gone from 164.3 to 162.4 pounds (74.57 kg to 73.62kg). In ONE week I lost about 2 pounds. I certainly don’t feel weaker and my lifts have been very consistent, if not stronger, than last week when I was maxing the same weights in the work-sets! So I’d like to think I’m losing some of this fat.

There isn’t much else to include here so just comment or facebook me if there is anything you would like me to include or add in the future!

For those of you still pushing yourselves everyday to reach a goal: Keep working hard. I believe as long as your mind is in the right place you’ll be able to handle anything!

Peace and Love,


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