[Late] Update #2 for Friday 3/1/2013

Hey guys!
Sorry for the late update. I was busy traveling for my spring break and spending time with the beautiful girlfriend so I didn’t have time to formally update this for my second update in my cut.

I’m proud to announce that I’m at 160.4 pounds which is the first time in several years i’ve been at the 160 pounds margin! That’s about another 2 pound drop from last week which is similar to what I expected.

This week I increased several lifts of mine: (working set numbers)

Squats: I went from 185 to 195×4 reps
Bench: I went from 145 to 155×5 reps
Chins: 9×2
OVH Press: I went from 65 to 75 pounds
And I’ve added weighted pushups with a vest on Wednesdays (chest days). I was able to do 10 reps x 3 sets at the end of my workout.

Folks, this week is going to be slightly different than usual seeing as how I’m on spring break and all that good stuff SO I’ll be doing calisthenic workouts on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday in order to keep my muscles primed as focus on building my brain-tension connection with my muscles in regards to several of my lifts.

Today is Monday and I’ll be going to the gym with my girlfriend; however, since the entrance fee is like….10$ or something I’ll simply be going through a workout routine for her. If anyone is curious about that routine just comment on here and I can add it…
The goal for the workout I’m designing her is to allow flexibility for her schedule while offering a split program into increasing her strength and muscle tone. I know women don’t want to get “bulky” or look like body builders… but the reality is, that won’t happen when you’re lifting heavy weights. There are plenty of women I see on TV and elsewhere that lift 200-300 pounds and are skinny as a flagpole, yet chiseled like a statue.

Anyway, I am going to have a little trouble focusing on my macros this week seeing as how I’m in a foreign situation that I haven’t had time to plan for so I’m going to do my best and hopefully just focus on keeping my caloric intakes down in an attempt to prevent any weight gain. Starting immediately after break I’ll be implementing medium-level cardio for 20-40 minutes 1 to 2 times a day! (That way a lactic acid buildup doesn’t occur which will save my muscles from degenerating).

I’m 4 pounds down in 2 weeks, folks! That’s the progress I like. If you’re following to stay motivated I think that alone says a lot about setting your mind on something. If you’re following just to follow my progress, let me hear any feedback you may have! 🙂

Peace and love,

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  1. Steven Cherry says:

    nice man

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