Update – March 11, 2013 the day of Questioning

Update - March 11, 2013 the day of Questioning

Hey all,

It’s Monday March 11, 2013 and I’m posting this a little late since I didn’t have time to update last week seeing as how I had other things to do during spring break.
Before spring break I was at 160 pounds (down from the original 167) and today I weighed in at 162 natural weight (165 factoring in my ipod/big headphones/heavy sweat shirt and sweat pants). I would like to think this slight weight gain from the previous week was a gain in muscle development since my last lift (Monday March 4).
I last lifted on March 4 because the guest fee into the rec. center at my girlfriend’s school was like 5$… and I’m not exactly made of money so I just did some calisthenic work on W and F.
I also believe I have gained more muscle seeing as how my bench press went up from 155 to 160×5, squats went up from 195 to 205×6, DL from 160 to 170 and my weighted chins from 2×2 to 3×2 + 5 negatives.
The thing is these gains are not that significant for being 5 1/2 weeks in… I have been feeling this deep ambition to perhaps focus on building muscle and increasing my lifting gains until I’m at LEAST at the level of Intermediate with all my lifts.
This is the standard sheet I have been using:

I’m considering finishing this cut at the 6-7 week mark and starting a bulk or recomposition. I’ll keep this blog updated on my progress with my research and opinions from other people on this subject.

Please leave your feedback about what you think I would benefit most from.

The way I see it is if I build muscle and gain some fat I’ll be able to then CUT that fat away and see actual muscle – which I visually lack.

More pictures will be uploaded once I figure out how to make an album!

Peace and Love,

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