[Late update] March 25 weigh-in

Hey folks!

Today I weighed in at 162 pounds. I was previous up around 164 and dropped by 2 pounds again. All my lifts have increased since the beginning of the program; however, I feel as though I may start plateauing – improving less rapidly until I start eating more.
Chin ups – 10 total without weight vest/ 5 total with weight vest
Deadlift – 195 x 6 (holding this weight for another few weeks until grip strength and breathing get stronger)

Bench Press – 155 x 5 / 145 x6 / 120 x 8 (more than before

Squat – 205 x 6 / 185 x 8 / 165 x 10

Tricep dip – [no report] I’ve been having wrist issues so by the time I get to dips I cannot do it without excruciating pain in my wrist extensors

I think my weight hit a hill because of spring break because I admittedly found it difficult to balance my eating and stay calculated; however, since i’ve been back from spring break for just under 2 weeks I have lost 2 pounds again. I am almost down to 160 again – hopefully by Friday or Monday but we’ll see!

Also I have noticed a chunk of body fat disappearing from me… my top 2 abdominals are very much visible, but the lower-core is still holding onto the fat I don’t want.

With winter part: 3 ending and the warmer weather (50s and 60s) approaching I will be spending less time in the sedentary lifestyle and more time pursuing my hobbies. A friend of mine brought two lacrosse sticks to school so we’ll be tossing the ball and running around with it, I’ll be doing some light running to get back into running slowly as to avoid fracturing my leg again, and I bought a hacky sack over spring break so I plan on getting my old mojo (plus more!) with it. I hope to be pretty active outside whenever I’m not studying or doing homework.

I may have gained a little weight but some of it was indeed muscle. There is no question about it.

Any questions or comments please feel free to leave comments or something!

Peace and love,



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